Inspection Surveys

H & A Height Services Limited performs a myriad of tasks to ensure that our clients’ projects all go well. Inspection surveys are a significant part of this. With a survey, we can check to see if things are as they should be. If we do notice any problems, we can sort them out quickly.

Our inspections are a critical part of the construction process. When done properly, they offer many benefits. For example they can provide assurances that things are going according to plan in a safe manner.

Scheduled inspections

The type of inspection that is most commonly performed is scheduled. During these inspections, everything is structured and simple for everyone involved. You choose a site and tell those working on it what will happen. There’s no element of surprise here like there is with random inspections. As a result, people have more time to prepare.


Proper safety planning is one of the main reasons why you should arrange inspection surveys. The attention inspectors put on safety is vital in the construction industry. They can decide the most secure options for every part of a project, therefore making sure that no one is in danger. A safer project will be higher quality and run more smoothly.

It’s possible for inspections to have worthwhile impacts on the quality of your structures too. Creating a project context that adheres to the current regulations can aid you in enhancing its safety and quality considerably. This can then result in better profits.

Another advantage is that you can ensure the project is more eco-friendly. This is very important because people want projects to have as little impact on the environment as possible. With a survey you can determine potential risks, including things like contaminants getting into groundwater, noise, and air pollution.

Anyone who wishes to take advantage of our inspection surveys can get in touch with us. Have confidence that we won’t miss anything out when looking over the site. Our inspections are suitable for any type of project and our team have a wealth of experience. In the end, you’ll be glad that you chose to use this service.