Preparation & Painting

First established in 1963, H & A Height Services Limited strives to provide each client with an array of specialist services. One such service is preparation & painting. You might think that it is easy to paint a surface. However, if you’re after exceptional results, you’ll want to rely on our experienced team.

Why is preparation important?

You’ll probably want to start painting as soon as possible. However, it is well worth your time to make certain that you’ve prepared all the surfaces as much as you can. Getting the preparation stage right is essential to acquiring the ideal finish. In addition, it will assist you in keeping everything cleaner and neater, lowering the need for extra coats of paint.

The fact of the matter is that paint cannot cover uneven or dirty surfaces entirely. As a result, taking care of this at the beginning will stop you from having to do extra work later on.


Once you’re finished with the initial preparation, then you can start painting. You must be careful here as well though, as one wrong move can be enough to ruin your project. For instance, you cannot let the paint dry out. This can happen when paint cans are half-empty. To prevent this, you should position some plastic wrap beneath the lid and tightly seal it. Following this, you need to store it upside down. Our team is always attentive when it comes to picking and looking after paint.

It’s important to use the proper primer too. If the plans involve painting new plasterboard, we would suggest using a water-based product. It will aid you in concealing imperfections and offer you a base prior to introducing colour. When working with smoke-saturated or water damaged walls, or panelling, go for an oil-based primer.

Avoid lap marks as well. There’s one way of avoiding the stripes that happen if you roll over paint that has begun to dry already. You must keep a wet edge by painting the entire height of the wall. Afterwards, you have to move over faintly. This way, you’re able to overlap the previous stroke with the next one.

To arrange the most reliable preparation & painting service, get in touch with us today. You can contact us by phone or send us an email.