Quality Assurance

H & A Height Services Limited has helped its clients in all sorts of ways over the years. This includes with things like surveys, maintenance, and construction. One of our most important offerings however is quality assurance. With it, we can prevent all kinds of issues before they have a chance to manifest.


For those who don’t know, assurance is where we pinpoint or decide on a project’s quality requirements. We also identify current documents which relate to the project’s needs. Next, we make them available to use. Quality assurance is essential to the general success of every construction project. Usually, it’s a manual procedure that consists of us doing a fair amount of paperwork.

Anyone who has worked on a construction project before will know that there are always risks. However, there are ways to stop problems with builds and minimise the risks. You can do this by focusing on the quality throughout.

Sometimes, quality concerns are only found after a job is complete. When this happens, the outcome is more work and delays. Even worse, you can have structures that fail sometime after completion. It is much better to ensure everything is right from the outset.

Quality control

One thing you shouldn’t do with assurance is confuse it with quality control. The two are not identical, despite what some might think. Initially, they may seem like they are the same, but you can’t use the terms interchangeably. Quality control has more to do with the final product. There are links between the two however. If there’s high quality assurance during construction, then your end product will most likely pass control tests.

The team at H & A Height Services Limited takes quality very seriously. We go to great lengths to make certain that everything is being done by the book. Without this service, projects can suffer with higher costs, missed deadlines and poor results. Fortunately, we are here to prevent this from happening.

If you require our help when it comes to quality assurance, be sure to contact us. We have the skills to work on various projects, including large scale construction jobs.